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Most jobs are completed same day and the average charge will be in between $40-$160 per job.

The easier the job, the lower the cost can be.

All charges will be based on level need and how quickly jobs are completed. 


$80 per hour for in person computer services or support.

$60 pear year per device for remote support.

I do take donations if you ever feel obligated to pay more than the quoted price.

I take cash, check and credit card payments by phone or debit cards here below at my cash.me account.

My preference is basic repair jobs. I prefer home based businesses or home users as customers. 

I am good at what I can do, but I am only one person. If I ever feel a customer is causing me as a business to lose money or making requests outside the scope of what I should provide as a service. I have the right to no longer provide services to them and will give notice when appropriate.

  1. I do not offer laptop screen repair or more complicated hardware repairs.
  2. If it's a repair on Apple product I tend to recommend the Apple Store or Mac Repair provider. Please still feel free to contact me with your Apple problem maybe I can work on it or give you options on what to do and to expect.
  3. I do not readily carry parts nor do I keep an inventory of items to sell.

I do not want to waste your time, money, and my effort on obsolete items that lost their value.

I can help with the following:

Apple or Windows Computers

Internet services setup and recommendation

Network issues or setup

Maintenance or Software issues such as viruses 

Some hardware problems and diagnostics


I can repair problems as long as there are no issues with internet connectivity.

The link to install is below for my LogMeIn service or I can email the link for setup.


Below is the instructions for LogMeIn Uninstall.

Logmein Uninstall.pdf Logmein Uninstall.pdf
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Type : pdf

Customer referrals keep me in business and are appreciated.

If you're ever unhappy feel free to contact me. I will do my best to resolve the issue or give you options.


Phone Number: (281) 513-7829

Email: aguynamedtoby@outlook.com

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