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I am available most days as my schedule permits. 

My fee is $60 per hour or sometimes I will charge a flat rate for the job.

My preference is basic repair jobs.

I do not want to waste your time or money and my effort on obsolete items that lost their value.

Small businesses from home or those who have 5 or less computers are ideal for me as clients.

I can help with the following:

Mac or Windows computers

Software suggestions

Internet services setup and recommendation

Data recovery if possible


Software issues such as viruses

Most hardware problems and diagnostics

Basic home entertainment

Tablets or smart phones


Network setup  

Consulting on all levels personal or business 


Please contact me with your issues or make me a to do list so I can evaluate if the distance will work or if the issue will be manageable. I can help anywhere for a small remote assistance fee. As long as the issues you're experiencing are not related to hardware failure or no internet connectivity. The link to install is below for my logmein account or I can email the link for setup.


Phone Number: (281) 513-7829

Email: wtsimm75@yahoo.com


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